Social Media Quickstart Guide – 6 Tools You Need

Today, you need to keep up with social media to have conversations with customers. With limited time, where is your time best spent?

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Real things you can do with Twitter

The next time someone asks why the heck they’d want to use Twitter, here’s a list of actual, real uses for Twitter.

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Marketing Treasure Map

You know that you have some real treasures to offer your customers: your superb services, your excellent products, your unequaled solutions. But how do you make sure that someone looking for your treasure actually finds it? You must make sure the route is clearly marked and that those wandering the oceans of information on the Internet actually land on your website and find their way to your treasures.

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Five Reasons to use Inbound Marketing Tactics

Marketing today involves the same principles of promoting your company and products to your potential customers. However, the number of ways you can promote your company has multiplied with the widespread adoption of Web 2.0 technologies. The objectives of marketing include the following: •    grow brand awareness •    build a […]

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Getting started with Twitter

Twitter. Can you think of something to say in 140 characters or less? If so, Twitter is for you! Twitter is a site where you can create a microblog, which isn’t a teeny, tiny blog, but a blog consisting of teeny tiny posts. Each post or “tweet” can be no more than 140 characters. Each of these tweets answers a simple question: “What are you doing?” Your answers can be about your personal life, your work life, an interesting article you just read online, a funny video, a shout out to a friend, or anything you’d like. It really couldn’t be easier.

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Getting started with social media

Learning new technologies is not always as easy for some people as others. The technology adoption lifecycle, developed at Iowa State, was created to show the range of responses to new technologies. This same model can be applied to the adoption of social media technologies. On the right we have […]

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7 ways companies can use social media to grow business

As more and more people join online communities, the questions increasingly come up: I’m here … now what? Keeping in contact with colleagues and friends is a great use for social media, but how can companies create a social media strategy to take advantage of online communities? Staking out your […]

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5 SEO Tips

if you’re looking for some easy-to-implement tactics to improve your search results rankings and drive even more people to your site or blog, check out these 5 ideas.

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Barack Obama: Marketer of the Year 2008

Advertising Age named Barack Obama “Marketer of the Year 2008″ for his campaign, which used new technologies to complement traditional fundrasing and outreach programs to raise more than $51 million in July alone.

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