5 Reasons companies should do social media marketing

How does social media marketing fit into your company’s marketing plan? If you’re not sure whether social media marketing fits in your company’s overall marketing plan, or you’re not really sure about the tangible benefits of marketing your brand or solutions on social media sites, here’s a list of some reasons to become involved in social media marketing.

Getting started with Facebook

While LinkedIn is all business, all the time, Facebook is more of a hybrid social networking site, with both business and personal users. Although Facebook started as a social network exclusively for college students, the fastest growing group on Facebook today consists of users 25 and older and it’s one of the most-trafficked websites in the world.

7 ways companies can use social media to grow business

As more and more people join online communities, the questions increasingly come up: I’m here … now what? Keeping in contact with colleagues and friends is a great use for social media, but how can companies create a social media strategy to take advantage of online communities?