Adobe Connection Enews Creation App

Our client’s challenge:

Adobe sends several monthly email newsletters to specific software user groups, including designers, educators, professional photographers, businesspersons, and other target audiences. The newsletters use a similar template, but the content for the different editions comes from a multitude of authors with expertise in their diverse fields. Adobe sought a versatile online tool where those authors could input information for publication. The app also would be a tool for editors, project managers, and designers/producers of the newsletters.

The Scott Design solution:

Scott Design’s technical experts designed and developed a tool that enables the collection of information from authors, makes that information available to editors, and creates the layout of the actual newsletters. Scott Design also helped shape the in-app template for the various newsletters, which would feature products, events, projects, and people. The author tool is easy to access, yet secure; simple, yet all-inclusive. Authors can quickly input information, editors and project managers can review and edit the information, and newsletter designers/producers can quickly and intuitively transition the content into the template. The tool is truly a one-stop place for the entire Adobe newsletter process.