Our Story

What makes our team of creative experts stand out

Scott Design draws on its creativity, experience, and expertise to help marketing teams at enterprises and SMBs create effective, targeted communications.

We deliver high‑quality
work without any drama.

Since 1993, we’ve delivered top-notch creative work for industry leaders — including Adobe, Autodesk, Intuit, eBay, Merck, and others — building a reputation with discerning marketing professionals who face demanding objectives and schedules. What our clients like about Scott Design: There’s no hand holding, no drama, no nonsense. Our smart, efficient team doesn’t waste your time. We can quickly understand your objectives, target audiences, and brand—and then deliver the effective, innovative communications you need to be successful.

We can support pivot changes
in a marketing campaign.

Scott Design has a smart, nimble team that delivers results on aggressive schedules. Our designers, writers, programmers, and production artists can react more quickly than a large agency or in-house team, so we can help you take advantage of opportunities as they emerge. Since the landscape can change for a marketing program, organizations need to be able to modify communications—including web pages, emails, videos, online banners, and sales tools—on the fly while maintaining the highest quality and support for the brand.

We take email design and
development seriously.

At Scott Design, we don’t treat email design as a poor second cousin to web design. With email as a significant part of marketing, you deserve emails that are created by a knowledgeable team that knows the ins and outs of how recipients interact with emails. Leveraging the experience of creating thousands of emails for our corporate clients, we design, write, and code emails with the following in mind: email best practices; persuasive messaging; clear CTAs; intriguing subject lines; mobile optimization; dark mode; accessibility; and functionality across all email apps.

We simply make life
easier for our clients.

Marketing teams enjoy working with the friendly, responsive team at Scott Design. We pride ourselves on our award-winning creative work, but we know that our clients especially appreciate our professionalism and efficiency. When clients hand off a project to us, they know it’s in good hands: Scott Design will develop on-target creative ideas, stick to an agreed-upon schedule and budget, provide timely project updates, and deliver well-tested files that meet (and surpass) expectations. Marketing professionals sleep easier with Scott Design on their team.

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