Our client’s challenge:

Adobe wanted to raise the profile of a new product line, display cutting-edge features in action, and generate sales by creating a “must-have” buzz for a product launch. Adobe needed to promote a series of traveling seminars to introduce new products to the market.

The Scott Design solution:

Adobe turned to Scott Design to quickly design and produce email (HTML and text-only) announcements, enticements, and reminders to drive attendance for three distinct traveling seminars. As part of each campaign, Scott Design created marketing communications pieces that promoted the value of the seminars while also stirring excitement for the actual products. The imagery and written content of the communications were carefully crafted to speak to each target audience. In each instance, Scott Design then followed through by designing PowerPoint templates, event signs, reminder emails, and other support materials.


  • Bronze Award, Silicon Valley ADDYs—B2B Campaign
  • Bronze Award, Silicon Valley ADDYs—B2B Campaign