Case Study: Adobe Education Leader App

Scott Design developed a desktop app to allow educators to share how they use Adobe products in their classes with other educators, as well as connect with other leaders in this online education community.

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Case Study: LogLogic Brand Refresh

Scott Design developed a new web design and site organization that incorporated the vibrancy of a consumer site with the structure of an enterprise site to accurately present LogLogic as an innovative, fast-growing company and to help site visitors find information quickly.

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Interactive Microsites Win Awards

• Outstanding Achievement Interactive Media Award — Computer Software
• Silver Emerging Media Award — Microsite
• Silver W3 Award — Computer Software
• Silver Davey Award — Microsites
• Silver Davey Award — Landing Pages

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Augmented Reality App Wins Awards

• Gold Emerging Media Award — Bleeding Edge Media
• Award of Distinction, Communicator Awards — Video or Motion Graphics
• Award of Distinction, Communicator Awards — Other

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Case Study: Braemar Energy Ventures Website

Scott Design created an uncluttered website with a high-tech look and feel that engages visitors—without burdening them with industry clichés. Scott Design focused on providing easy navigation with clear paths for the different audiences. The website took shape as one with an energetic, upbeat feel of a modern company in a conservative industry.

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Case Study: DFJ Venture Capital Website

This award-winning website featured interactive cards that provided visitors quick and visually compelling ways to find information about DFJ team members, investments, and partner funds. Each page included additional information in sections that could be opened or closed, allowing visitors to tailor the information they saw.

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Scott Design wins three W3 awards

Scott Design received three awards in the 2010 W3 Awards competition for its work on Adobe and Scott Design websites.

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Scott Design wins 4 Communicator Awards

Scott Design received four Communicator Awards in a competition honoring creative excellence among professionals worldwide. Work for CTW, Braemar Energy Ventures, and an augmented-reality web app won gold and silver awards.

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Case Study: Adobe Acrobat Campaign

Scott Design has developed numerous print, web, and online pieces that focus on the benefits that speak most convincingly to the targeted audience for each campaign. Scott Design also created a series of animated Flash product demos for Acrobat on document sharing, feedback and approvals, and protecting information. The imagery, graphics, headlines, copy, and narration always keep the specific benefits front and center in the customer’s mind.

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Case Study: Verisign Demos

Scott Design developed easy-to-navigate Flash-based product demos for Verisign solutions. These streamlined presentations address customer pain points and clearly explain VeriSign’s solutions. Scott Design created the storyboards, wrote the script, created the artwork, directed the voiceovers, and produced the Flash for Verisign’s Consumer Authenticated Service demo and Verisign’s Managed PKI for SSL demo. Scott Design also created the packaging and direct mailer for the demos.

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