Mobile-friendly B2B website earns design awards

Gold and silver awards for responsive business-to-business website

Mid-Year Marketing Scorecard

As we approach midseason for 2015, it’s a great time to assess how your digital marketing, marcom, and branding strategies are working out. With six more months in the year, it’s not too late to readjust your own playbook to pull out some digital marketing wins.

More words that should be retired … or sent to rehab

A few years ago, I decried marketing’s overuse of a few words. Here’s a new list of words I’d like to see retired, or, in some cases, sent off to rehab. They’ve lost their voice, never had it, or have been used and abused to the point of uselessness, especially in marketing.

Increase email open rates with better subject lines

It doesn’t matter how well written or well designed your email is — or what a wonderful offer you are presenting to a perfectly segmented list. If the subject line doesn’t compel the recipient to open the email, then there’s no interaction with your content. Read eight ways to make sure your email subject line speaks enough to your audience members for them to want to read further.

4 ways to make Google love your site

Google is pretty straightforward in its mission: To connect people searching online with the most relevant, speedily delivered, comprehensive, fresh information available. To get Google to love your site and put it at the top of the search results, you should create content that someone searching online is going to love.

Optimizing your marketing content for B2B technology buyers

A survey shows that the top best practices for optimal marketing to B2B technology customers include creating a variety of content, delivering high-quality writing,and providing easy access to all of your content online.