Autodesk Certification prep materials

Autodesk certifies thousands of software users and professionals every year — and needs on-brand materials to prepare and award them.

tech company printed brochures

Our client’s story:

Autodesk provides a series of exams to certify proficiency and professional-level skills for those using the company’s software products for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and the entertainment industries. To prepare and award certified users, Autodesk needed on-brand, on-target, and well-organized materials, including exam-preparation road maps that describe the skills that must be mastered and certificates awarded to those who pass the tests.
Adhering to Autodesk brand and creative guidelines, the Scott Design team designed, produced, and copyedited a series of exam-prep road maps and post-test certificates. When a software product is revised, Scott Design updates the copy, revises the layout as needed, optimizes new product imagery, and updates any product and trademark information. With Scott Design managing the whole process, Autodesk reps are assured that the materials are well designed, user-friendly, and accurate — and meet the latest corporate guidelines.