Charity event logo and poster

Charity mountain bike ride poster

Our client’s story:

One of our clients in the U.K. is involved with a local charity, called PIP. When there was some extra time left on a job we did for them, our client asked if we could create a logo and poster for an upcoming fundraiser for the non-profit group. PIP is a group dedicated to helping people with disabilities to reach their full potential. Scott Design jumped at the chance to help out a worthy cause and create a colorful and engaging poster for the group.

The inspiration for the logo came from a drawing that one of the PIP students created during an art class. Scott Design stylized the drawing to create a logo to be used on posters, the website, and race t-shirts and jerseys. The poster incorporates colors from the logo and images provided by PIP. The bike gear concept in the logo is carried out through the posters with bike chains used as graphics. And, the poster was then sized for flyers and postcards so PIP can spread the word about their fundraiser event.

PIP drawing