VCE incentive program

sales incentive program marketing campaign

Our client’s story:

Virtual Computing Environment Company (VCE) wanted to announce a new sales incentive program at its annual sales conference. Opus Solutions, the event management company representing Silicon Valley IT company VCE, turned to Scott Design for the project. VCE wanted a look and feel for the program that would play out on all of the program materials and highlight the elegance and exclusivity of the trip that top sellers would win. VCE also wanted to create an air of mystery around the destination and offer a unique way to reward one lucky winner with a special prize.
Scott Design created a logo and elegant black-and-gold theme for the announcement packages, landing page, and presentation. Scott Design found antique-style keys and attached them, along with hotel key cards, to an announcement card in each teaser package, which also included confetti and a hotel brochure. During the first night of the trip, VCE drew one key from a bag of duplicate keys, and the person whose key matched the one drawn got to drive a luxury sports car during the trip. The hip and elegant style was carried through all of the event materials.