Snow POP! 30 seconds of holiday fun!

The Scott Design Team wishes you all the best this holiday season. We invite you to take a break and play our online holiday games, including our latest, Snow POP.

The Scott Design Team wishes you all the best this holiday season and we invite you to take a break to play with our online holiday apps.

We have a new game this year, Snow POP, an animated app created using HTML5 and designed to work on desktop and mobile devices. We hope you will get a chance to play and share with your friends and family.

Snow POP: How many snowflakes can you melt?

Take 30 seconds out of your day to see if you can become a Flake Master. We created this year’s interactive holiday game in HTML5, Javascript, and CSS using Adobe Edge Animate to take advantage of the latest in web standards. The animation and interactivity don’t rely on plug-ins, so you can play the game on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. And, if you just want to relax and watch the snow fall, we’ve added a playlist of holiday songs to get you in the holiday spirit. (HTML, 2012)

Enjoy our other holiday games from past years:

SnowBash iPhone iPad App

Snow Bash! iPad and iPhone App: Protect Ginger Hill from the Snowmen

Enjoy the free iPad and iPhone versions of the award-winning Snowbash Flash app created by Scott Design in 2007. All the fun of the original version, plus new prizes, more animals, and icemen! Read the full rules and then download Snow Bash! for your iPad or for your iPhone from the App Store. (iOS, 2011)


3D Fun: Put on your glasses and enjoy some holiday scenes

Grab your stylish 3D specs and enjoy some 3D holiday images. No 3D glasses? Send us an SASE and we’ll send you a pair! (HTML, 2010)


Augmented Reality Snowstorm: A virtual snowstorm using your webcam

Get into the holiday spirit with the Augmented Reality Snowstorm, where you can put yourself or your family in a virtual snowstorm. No webcam? No worries! Just visit the virtual snowstorm, instead! (Flash, 2009)


Snowbash: Can you stop the snowmen?

See how many snowmen your gingerbread man can get without harming the innocent pink bunnies in the award-winning Snowbash game. Play Snowbash. (Flash, 2007)


Snowflake Designer: Design your own beautiful flakes

Select the number of branches, the shape of the crystals and their complexity, and watch as your snowflake grows right outside your window! Make some snowflakes. (Flash, 2006)

virtual fireplace

Virtual Fireplace: May your days be merry and bright

Just because you’re stuck at your computer doesn’t mean you can’t gaze into the hypnotic flames of a crackling fireplace. Have fun decorating the mantle for the holidays, or just kick back and imagine the warmth! Curl up by the fireplace. (Flash, 2005)

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year,

The Scott Design Team

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