Spotlight on Scott Design: Using technology to go paperless

By working on our green workflow, we have reduced our paper use and storage by 85%

workamajig logoScott Design is pleased to have been featured in workamajig’s inaugural newsletter. At Scott Design, we use workamajig, web-based project management software for creative firms, to manage all of our projects from start to finish. By incorporating workamjig’s ability to store PDF files into our green workflow, we have reduced our paper use and storage by 85%  Following is the text of the article.

agency spotlight: scott design

How one agency uses Workamajig in their efforts of going green.
When California-based agency Scott Design Inc. started using Workamajig (then Creative Manager Pro) in 2005, the agency never thought that this would help in its efforts of promoting green practices. As a member of The Designers Accord and a Monterey Bay Area Green Business, Scott Design operates in an environmentally friendly manner by reducing paper usage, both in-house and with clients. Using two simple Workamajig functions, Scott Design was able to cut their paper consumption by an amazing 85 percent! Workamajig asked Kirsti Scott, creative director of Scott Design, to explain how:

PDF File Creation: “All of our estimates, POs, invoices and schedules are created in Workamajig as PDF files and are emailed to our clients. We encourage our clients to use Adobe Acrobat to sign and return the estimates via email. We send all our financial information to our accountant in PDF form.”

Project Diary: “We store a copy of each of the estimates, POs, invoices, schedules and any important emails from our clients in each project’s diary. We also include a PDF of the final piece in the diary for future reference.”

“Because of Workamajig, we went from 20 filing cabinets filled with paper down to three! The rest of the paper-work that generated before using Workamjig is now in storage where hopefully it will sleep peacefully until it’s time for it to get shredded!”

Transitioning from Creative Manager Pro to Workamajig didn’t slow down Scott Design’s ability to practice their environmentally friendly work habits, either.

“It took about a week to feel completely comfortable with the new product, and after a few days we all realized that everything we loved about Creative Manager Pro was still there, it just looked a lot better,” said Kirsti. “We concentrated first on being able to do everything we’ve always done. Then, we took a look at parts of the program that were new in Workamajig and incorporated them into our green workflow.”