Watch your language in your emails!

Want to make sure your email isn’t trapped by someone’s spam filter?

Here are some words to avoid in the subject line, the body of your email, alt tags, and in the file names of your graphics:

$$$, 4U, 50% off!, Act Now!, All Natural, All New, Amaze, Amazed, Amazing, Amazing, As Seen On…, Avoid Bankruptcy, Buy Direct, Call now!, Cash, Cash Bonus, Casino, Click, Click Here, Collect, Compare, Complimentary, Consolidate Your Debt, Credit, Discount!, Dollar(s), Don’t Delete, Double your income, Download, Earn $, Easy Terms, Eliminate Debt, Free, Free!, Get, Get Paid, Give it away, Giving it away, Great offer, Guarantee, Guarantee, Guaranteed, Hidden, Income, Information you requested, Instant(ly), Join millions, Limited time (offer), Loans, Lose Weight, Meet Singles, Million Dollars, MLM, Money, Multi level Marketing, No cost, No fees, No-cost, Offer, One time, Online marketing, Online pharmacy, Opportunity, Order Now, Please Read, Price, Profits, Promise You, Punctuation Marks (%, !, #, $), Removes, Reverses Aging, Sale, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Save up to, Saving, Search Engine Listings, Serious Cash, Spam, Special Offer, Special Promotion, Stop, Stops, Subscribe, Subscribe, Time limited, Unsecured debt or credit, Unsubscribe, Vacation, Value, Viagra, Visit our web site, While Supplies last, Why pay more?, Win, Winner, any words in all CAPS, Work at home, You’re a Winner!, You’ve been selected

Using quotation marks, dollar signs and exclamation points in subject lines will frequently trigger mail filters, as well as using all capital letters (shouting). Don’t put a toll-free number in the subject line, since that will also cause your email to be filtered out by many Spam filters.