What is CSS? (Why Tables for Layout is Stupid)

Why tables for layout is stupid: problems defined, solutions offered

Still in the dark about what CSS is? Check out our presentation “Why Tables for Layout is Stupid” on why following Web Standards and using Cascading Style Sheets makes for superior sites.

Tables existed in HTML for one reason: To display tabular data. But then border=”0″ made it possible for designers to have a grid upon which to lay out images and text. Still the most dominant means of designing visually rich Web sites, the use of tables is now actually interfering with building a better, more accessible, flexible, and functional Web. Find out where the problems stem from, and learn solutions to create transitional or completely table-less layout.

Everybody loves stupid tables

(Well maybe not the actual tables themselves, but people sure seem to like this presentation.)

Thanks to the efforts of some of these people, “Why Tables for Layout is Stupid” has been translated into 20+ languages.

If you’d like to translate it into your native tongue, let us know.

Updated layout: Responsive and using web fonts!

The purpose of this presentation in 2004 was to help convince execs and coders of the wisdom of using web standards, such as CSS. Though much has changed since then, what hasn’t changed is the humor we used to provoke people into reconsidering the way they built their sites and embracing web standards.