Engineer recruiting campaign for Intuit

high tech recruitment campaign

Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint—with 50 million customers worldwide—is constantly looking for top-notch software engineering talent. Scott Design works with Intuit talent acquisition teams to create emails, landing pages, newsletters, LinkedIn Message Ads, podcast cover art, online banners, and other marketing communications, which allow Intuit to engage and interact with potential talent.

Meeting Intuit’s need to regularly communicate with targeted software engineers, Scott Design created an engaging, friendly, on-brand e-newsletter. Besides designing the template and coming up with the newsletter name (“In the Loop: Tech News for You”), Scott Design copyedits, codes, and tests each mobile-optimized version—and finds and optimizes images as needed. The newsletter helps software engineers become fully aware of what it’s like working at Intuit, what Intuit has to offer top talent, what are the company’s technology accomplishments, and most importantly, how Intuit offers the ideal place to grow their careers.