Marketing materials for a leading consultancy

marcom for global corporation

Our client’s story:

Levementum, a global consulting and technology services company serving high-profile corporate clients, wanted sales and marketing materials to help their sales representatives successfully promote the firm’s expertise and experience. Since Levementum provides a wide range of solutions for different industries, the firm needed a corporate-focused overview as well as industry- and program-specific versions of PowerPoint presentations and brochures. All the pieces needed to be visually and tonally consistent to support the firm’s brand.

Working with the Levementum team, Scott Design designed, wrote, and produced a corporate PowerPoint presentation, which could be modified for specific audiences. The design included a photographic style, icon system, and infographics for use in the slideshows and print materials. Leveraging the new look, Scott Design created a series of solution overview brochures — including versions for different verticals — which Levementum could share (via print or online) as introductions and leave-behinds.

Scott Design also created streamlined, industry-specific PowerPoint presentations to allow Levementum representatives to target specific prospects and potential partners. And, Scott Design created optimized graphics for trade show signage for Levementum.

Through engaging copy and supporting images, icons, and diagrams, all the new pieces clearly communicate Levementum’s expertise, while demonstrating the firm’s extensive services. The materials created by Scott Design have helped Levementum successfully promote its growing leadership in the competitive consulting field.