The Ultimate Website Workout

Six steps to keeping your website in shape

The ultimate website workout

When you start a fitness plan, you only get benefits through hard work, a long-term commitment, and a plan. It’s the same with your website. The initial launch is just the first step and you only get website traffic and business results through consistent hard work. Make a commitment to keeping your website in shape, be patient, and remember, slow and steady wins the race—even in web marketing.

1. Endurance

Content Marketing
Make a long-term commitment to SEO by creating unique, remarkable website content on a regular basis. Aim for quality blog posts and videos every month and you’ll start to see your search results improve.

2. Flexibility

Social Media Marketing
Reach new audiences and improve SEO through backlinks on multiple channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and links from connections you’ve made on social networks.

3. Repetition

Email Marketing
Just like exercise, you can’t market your website once and expect great things to happen; you have to work on it consistently. Use email campaigns to keep your name out in front of customers and prospects, solidify your industry reputation and authority, and drive readers to your website.

4. Strength

Online Advertising
Push prospects to your site through online campaigns. Adword campaigns, banner ads, and social network ads can give your website a measurable boost.

5. Variety

Traditional Marketing
Traditional marketing activities are also a good way to grow your web audience. Direct mail, press releases, events, newspaper articles, radio ads, and television appearances can build traffic to your website.

6. Measurement

Analytics and ROI
Set realistic goals and measure your progress monthly. Analyze the return on your marketing investment to figure out which activities yield the best results. Just like exercise, it can take a while before you see results, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t see an instant increase in web traffic.

Creating a successful website is a long-distance run, not a sprint.

Keep adding content to your site, emailing your list on a regular basis, and keep your name out in front of prospects online and in the media. Create a program that’s right for you, tailored to your business needs, strengths, and skills, and make sure your marketing plans are in line with your budget—both time and money.

Set aside time for implementing your website marketing plans, and find a partner outside your company to share some of the heavy lifting if you need it. Set clear goals, make a commitment to working on your website, and measure your success to keep on track.

And, breathe easy: your website workout doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective, just keep working on it and you’ll get results…and you may even start to enjoy it!

If you need a reminder to keep your website workouts on track, download the website workout plan infographic [PDF 106K] and post it where you can see it at work. Have a great workout!