Product promotion videos for K–12 audiences

Adobe Express K–12 videos

Software leader Adobe needed to promote the new features of Adobe Express for Education — which students and teachers can use to easily create graphics, photos, and videos — to K–12 audiences in two different product re-launches, which were a few months apart.

Leveraging Adobe guidelines and the look and feel of Adobe Express product marketing, Scott Design designed brand-new images featuring students and teachers and then produced emails, social media graphics, booth artwork files, and landing page images plus 15-second videos that were used as the primary marcom tools to get the word out on social media.

Both the static and animated versions include images of student and educators interacting with the Adobe Express UI, the newest features (including generative AI), and samples of final creative work. Each video was created at the different social media sizes and included music and copy to support the animation, which simulates the creation of pieces using the product..

View the videos:

Students #1

Teachers #1

Teachers #2

Students #2