Helping students learn web design skills

We got a chance to share some our web design and development expertise with students at Digital NEST, a nonprofit that serves young entrepreneurs in Watsonville.

Digital NEST web development class

Students in the web development class this summer had an opportunity to learn career skills by designing and coding real sites for local clients.

Creative Director Kirsti Scott spent a couple of days at the NEST, helping students create comps, develop logos and imagery, and begin creating their websites. And, Art Director Bill Merikallio helped with the WordPress coding on the sites to make them responsive and get them ready to go live.

The entire Scott Design team was really impressed with the great-looking sites the students created under very tight deadlines with real-world requirements from their clients. The Digital NEST staff taught the students high-level skills, best practices, and business skills, including how to work directly with clients. The students got a chance to create very professional websites and the clients got a chance to work with some up-and-coming local web professionals.

If you are at all interested in getting involved with Digital NEST, visit their site to learn about becoming a member, hiring a member, or sharing your expertise with the young entrepreneurs at the NEST.