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It’s not the first time we’ve redesigned in the past 17 years, but we think the newly re-launched Scott Design website is one of our best upgrades yet. The latest version of the Scott Design website features more rich content, cleaner navigation, and a bold new design.

What do site visitors want?

When we design websites for our clients, we put ourselves in the shoes of potential customers and determine what visitors are looking for on the site. We did the same when we started to redesign We figured visitors to the Scott Design site want to know who we are, find out what we do, and get a good look at our portfolio.

Scott Design’s home page features our tagline, a description of the type of work we do, and some information about our history of success. Our interactive portfolio is featured front and center on the home page. On one page, potential clients can find out about us in seconds.

The interactive portfolio was designed to allow visitors to watch the portfolio as an animated slide show, flip forward or backward through the portfolio, and open up the window to find out more about individual projects. Updating the contents of the portfolio is easy, as it was designed to pull images from a folder and copy from a text file. Changing the portfolio doesn’t require any programming, just a quick update of the contents in the folder. Updating the site is easy, too, as we created the pages in WordPress.

The home page also includes ways to learn more about Scott Design. There are links to recent articles, more information about Scott Design, social networks, and our e-newsletter sign-up form. And every page features quick contact forms so clients can contact us with questions or new projects or sign up for our enews.


Since we know that folks are often looking for information while they’re out of the office, our site works on mobile devices. And we’ve carried the new look and feel over to all of our online pages, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, our blog, and online landing pages.

The process of updating a website is never easy. You must figure out what’s working, what needs updating, and what your site visitors are going to be looking for. You then must roll it all into a clear, effective web design. We think we’ve accomplished just that with the new Scott Design website.

We hope you’ll take a look and let us know whether you agree!

P.S. To see the Scott Design website as it has appeared over the past 17 years, check out our through the ages photo album on Facebook.

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