Which digital marketing tactics are best in a downturn?

You need to continue or increase marketing, but where should you put your money? As we’ve mentioned before, it’s important to keep marketing during tough economic times. McGraw-Hill Research’s Laboratory of Advertising Performance studied recessions in the United States. It analyzed the performance of hundreds of companies during economic downturns. It found that business-to-business companies that … Continue reading “Which digital marketing tactics are best in a downturn?”

So, you want to create a mobile version of your site?

Your goal with your mobile website is to create a peak user experience to your mobile base — getting them the information they need quickly and easily. If you do decide to create a mobile-only version of your website, here are a few things you’ll need to do.

What is CSS? (Why Tables for Layout is Stupid)

Still in the dark about what CSS is? Check out our presentation “Why Tables for Layout is Stupid” on why following Web Standards and using Cascading Style Sheets makes for superior sites. This cult classic, originally presented at Seybold, is now available in 20+ languages.