What’s your favorite color? [Infographic]

We have collected survey data on favorite and least favorite colors for six years, with more than 3,750 responses from 141 countries. Take a look at the results, sorted by age and gender.

Is your website scaring visitors away?

In this infographic, we take a look at the six main reasons why visitors leave a website, and we offer solutions on how you can fix your site to be more visitor-friendly.

Best practices for blogs: Subdirectory vs. subdomain [Infographic]

The question of where to host your site for best SEO comes up often. The quick answer is usually to have it in a subdirectory of your main site, though there are a few exceptions.

Developing sites for multiple browsers

It is important to prioritize the browsers for which you’re going to perfect your code, as there is a seemingly endless number of browsers out there, and with mobile browsers and tablets growing in use, you should focus on where most of your site visitors will be seeing your website.