Case Studies

Our work includes everything from responsive website design and development, to a product launch email, to an integrated campaign that includes web, print, and interactive assets. We work with large tech companies, mid-size businesses, and startups in Silicon Valley and throughout the U.S. Our clients consider their websites the foundation of their marketing strategy, but they embrace other online tools — including email, mobile optimization, SEO, analytics, demos, advertising, apps, and social media — as essential means of communicating with their audiences.

Google Webinar emails and landing pages

Case Study: Google Webinar Emails and Landing Pages

Our designers and developers created a simple yet lively email template and applied and customized the same look, feel, and functionality to a series of Google webinar announcements.

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Case Study: Adobe Web Tools Selector

Our developers and designers created an attractive, intuitive Adobe Web Tools Selector that makes it quick and easy for site visitors to input information about what they do and get a list of product recommendations.

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Case Study: Teaching Channel Teams

Scott Design created a new sub-brand identity, tradeshow graphics, ads, and marketing materials to launch a new product: Teaching Channel Teams.

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Case Study: Adobe Connection Newsletter Author Tool

Adobe sought a versatile online tool where authors with expertise in their diverse fields could input information for publication. Scott Design’s technical experts designed a tool that enables the collection of information, makes that information available to editors, and creates the layout of the actual newsletters.

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eQuest Website Redesign

Case Study: eQuest Website

eQuest sought a fresh, consistent, and professional look for its corporate website as well as a restructuring of the navigation to make it easier for site visitors to quickly find information.

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eBay Banner Ads

Case Study: eBay Banner Ads

Scott Design created numerous banner ad series targeted to specific audiences, designed to stand out on busy eBay pages, optimized at different sizes and shapes, and designed to get clicks.

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Good Technology Mailer

Case Study: Good Technology sales incentive program

Scott Design created an eye-catching mailer to promote a corporate sales incentive program.

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Case Study: eBay Global Shipping Program

For the beta release of the eBay Global Shipping Program, eBay sought a campaign tailored to its high-profile international sellers.

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Case Study: San Jose Semaphore

In a redesign of the San Jose Semaphore project website, Scott Design developed a hybrid solution that uses PHP, Flash, and HTML5 while protecting the project’s code from hackers.

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Case Study: NetScout President’s Club Promotion

Scott Design created a retro Hawaiian theme for materials to be used in a NetScout Systems sales incentive program. The luxurious style was carried through all of the event materials, including announcement packages, banner ads, and an email campaign.

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