Author: Bill Merikallio

Bill Merikallio, Art Director and resident web standards expert, makes sure our web creations are as functional as they are visually compelling. Bill creates web, interactive, and print campaigns at Scott Design. His insight, expertise, and creative solutions stand out from the crowd and help clients get the results they need. Bill attended Johns Hopkins University and the Sorbonne, completing his college degree in Europe. He returned to the United States and studied furniture design at the College of the Redwoods, working as a fine furniture maker for five years before joining Scott Design.

Why ignoring mobile is crazy

If your mobile strategy is to just hope people stop using phones to look at the web and emails, you’re crazy! If you make your site and emails mobile-friendly using responsive design, you’ll reach more customers than ever.

Why tables for layout is stupid: Updating a fan favorite

“Why tables for layout is stupid” has been one on our most popular articles since it was published in 2004, with hundreds of thousands of visits and 24 international translations. Since more people access the web on their phones than from their desks and Google rewards mobile-ready sites, we decided it was time to update “Stupid Tables” to make it responsive.

Apostrophe abuse: the most basic rules are often the most neglected

With our hectic schedules, it’s easy to pour all of our energy into content, and to skip little niceties that distinguish our message from the dozens of others that bombard our readers on a daily basis. Type crimes aren’t only in your document, but all over the place, on signage, advertisements, and in restaurant menus.