Author: Matt Scott

Matt Scott, the President of Scott Design, directs messaging, strategy, and client management. He manages large-scale marketing campaigns for a variety of enterprise clients, including Adobe Systems, Autodesk, and eBay. With Matt at the helm, Scott Design has built a reputation for outstanding customer service and efficient, professional delivery of award-winning work. As a former educator, he brings a common-sense marketing approach to education customers. And, with 20+ years of experience in high-tech marketing, Matt knows how to make complex technological products and solutions shine through effective design solutions. Matt has degrees in International Relations and Education from Stanford University. Matt serves as an Advisory Board Member at UC Santa Cruz Camp Kesem and is on the Strategic Marketing Advisory Committee at York School.

Mid-Year Marketing Scorecard

As we approach midseason for 2015, it’s a great time to assess how your digital marketing, marcom, and branding strategies are working out. With six more months in the year, it’s not too late to readjust your own playbook to pull out some digital marketing wins.

Adobe campaign emails and landing pages

Adobe campaign emails and landing pages

Scott Design created a series of responsive emails and landing pages targeted at driving specific customer groups to view promotional materials.

Increase email open rates with better subject lines

It doesn’t matter how well written or well designed your email is — or what a wonderful offer you are presenting to a perfectly segmented list. If the subject line doesn’t compel the recipient to open the email, then there’s no interaction with your content. Read eight ways to make sure your email subject line speaks enough to your audience members for them to want to read further.